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 "Secrets Girls Keep" Author  Carrie Silver-Stock Addresses Struggles of Young Girls


Jaunette Mays


By Jaunette Mays

The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

“Secrets Girls Keep,” by author and founder of the website www.girlswithdreams.com, Carrie Silver-Stock, has chosen to open up a very interesting outlet to not only help teens who struggle with opening up about stress, but also help parents understand who and what their daughters are going through on a day to day basis. While I was, as many of you mothers are, in denial that many of our young daughters are filled with many issues pertaining to bullying, dating, and also self-esteem problems, Carrie brings this out within her book.

Carrie and I spoke briefly about how these issues can be tackled and also maintained with the help of a little one on one conversation and also as the singer Otis Redding states, “Try a little Tenderness.” In her new book, she teaches young women how to feel beautiful without losing who they are under pressure. She gives great advice on learning your own strengths’ through learning to say no when you are uncomfortable within a situation as well as how to build confidence and still maintain your humility.

Carries’ ideas have been helpful to many young women struggling with opening up. As, she states in her book “Secrets Girls Keep,” she was once this young women who was extremely lost and felt alone when it came to issues within her own self. Things like, dating, am I too big, why am I not pretty enough, etc. I asked Carrie why address the issue with girls and not boys, she replied” I worked in a school setting and I was referred boys and not a lot of girls. Within my observation, I noticed that girls struggled more so than young males. Also the issues that I (Carrie) had encountered as a young women helped me with deciding to cover this story and try to empower young girls all over.”  Secrets Girls Keep has been featured on NBC, FOX, and ABC Radio.

Carrie has done an absolute amazing job with getting our young women to open up and also has started a blog site where girls are allowed to blog questions that they need answers to. She responds once a month to these emails and it’s become a very popular site for many young women. So if you are like me and have those little women who want to feel free to express a few thoughts to someone other than a relative, go to www.girlswithdreams.com and join in on a mother/daughter venture that could possibly bring you closer than you’ve ever been.





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